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1 Myshine kiosk Ltd
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Crafts “N” Marble is the parental business of me and we deals with wooden & marble crafts, In this business every member of my family contributes their craft skills and we run this business in Udaipur & chittorgarh city. We have been able to create its own goodwill and a name for itself. We primarily manufacture and export all Meenakari items, Wooden Jharokhas, Ambos Chairs, Gem Stone Paintings, Handmade products, including Oxidized & Copper Items such as Dry Fruit Boxes, Tray with Metal Items, Marble Painting, Monuments / Sculpture, Grilles, Panels, Inlay, Fire Place, Designer Floors, Vanity Tops & any other item in Marble & Sandstone. We have a well-established global clientele. The most elite and antique works can also be found at our place. Our collection of old colonial style antiques is endless
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4 Gaungzhou Young Co.,Ltd
[ Производство ]
5 Nika Favorit
We produce: — Wooden doors and arches (interior doors, wooden doorways, wooden exterior doors, interior arches, arch doors, portals, wooden door sheets, MDF doors sheets, designing and mounting) — Wooden windows with aluminum set — Wardrobes — Sliding door wardrobes — Closet rooms — Wooden staircases and components (Wooden railings, steps, stairs, balusters, banisters, guarding elements, other elements) — Living room furniture and sets of furniture (stands, TV-stands, cabinets, storage cabinets, tables, magazine tables, wall units) — Hallway furniture — Bedroom furniture (beds, chests, dressers, bureau) — Children’s room furniture — Furniture and interior elements, interior trimming and decoration (ceiling and wall trimming, decorations, skirt boards, mirrors, beams, bars, panels and other) — Kitchens and kitchen furniture (tables, bars, bar counters) — Tables — Office furniture, cabinets, libraries — Gazebos, summerhouses, garden / patio furniture (Summerhouses, gazebos, terraces, pergolas, decorative fences) — Special furniture (beauty parlor and beauty shop furniture, bank and commercial furniture, shopping mall furniture) — HoReCa furniture, hotel, bar, restaurant, café furniture (wine rooms, tables, interior and exterior elements) — Hotel furniture — Facades, decors, settings (curved furniture facades, bent facades, radius facades, wainscot caps, bases, pilaster, baluster railings and other elements)
[ Производство Производство ]
UA Zaporozhye
[ ]
TR Kayseri
7 New chance
[ ]
CN Guangzhou
8 Private Producing Unitary Company "Plywood-match factory"
[ ]
BY Gomel
[ ]
RU Nizhny Novgorod
10 Largus+
[ ]
RU Moscow
11 E.D.C.
[ ]
TR İstanbul
12 Wenzhou Sanxiong Furniture
[ ]
CN wenzhou
13 Eurogastrostar EGS Co
[ ]
TR Izmir
14 Tan An
[ ]
RU Hanoi
15 JINYEE Industrial Co., Ltd
[ ]
CN Dongguan
16 Furniture Workshop Ran Trade
[ ]
RU Nizhniy Novgorod
17 Wen Ben Aluminum Extrusions Co
[ ]
TW Tainan Hsien
18 Cansan Furniture
[ ]
TR Bursa
[ ]
RU Saint-Petersburg
20 Trade Bali
[ ]
ID Denpasar
21 HongKong Union International Furniture Co., Ltd.
[ ]
CN Guangzhou, Guangdong
22 Shenzhen JMT Glass Co.,Ltd
[ ]
CN Guangdong
23 Evrica Commerce Ltd.
[ ]
BG Gabrovo
24 Wenzhou Titan Internatioanl Trade Co.
[ ]
CN Wenzhou
[ ]
RU Sosensky
26 GrandModern
[ ]
BY Minsk
27 China Yadea (H.k.) Co
[ ]
CN Shenzhen
28 "Trolly Furniture Accessories"
[ ]
TR Istanbul
29 Suzhou Coming Technology Co.
[ ]
CN Suzhou
30 Yelkenciler Endustriyel Mutfak ve Sogutma Sanayi
[ ]
TR Rize
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